How fast can you terminate a keystone jack without losing the quality? Vertical Cable is challenging you to join the Terminate That Jack Tournament. All you need is any keystone jack and any tool. Record your termination on a camera, upload the video, and submit your result. You will see your name on the Leaderboard once your results are validated. Cash Prizes to be spent at any Vertical Cable Distribution Partner Store: $500 for the First place, $300 for the Second place, and $100 for the Third place.

Step 1.

This is Your Starting Point: Any Cable, Any Keystone Jack (with a cap), Any Tool.

Step 2.

Terminate the Jack Properly following the color code. Download the video on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and submit the link with your result.

Step 3.

After Your result is validated, your name and time will appear on the Leaderboard.

Terminate That Jack - Tournament Leaderboard | Tabla de Clasificación de Torneos

Name on the ContestantTimeNotes
Rufino G. Jr00min 18secCHAMPION
Jorge G00min 20sec.SECOND PLACE
Kevin B.00min 22.45secTHIRD PLACE
Chris T.00min 23.58secResult Confirmed
David I.00min 26.28secResult Confirmed
LowVoltageDude00min 27.01secResult Confirmed
Pearce S.00min 33secResult Confirmed
Ryan G00min 35secResult Confirmed
Shaun D.00min 39.61secResult Confirmed
Mike E.00min 43secResult Confirmed
Jeff M.00min 50.15secResult Confirmed
Midnightguy1min 5.19secResult Confirmed
Tripp W.1min 6.11secResult Confirmed
Blake U.1min 15secResult Confirmed
Jeff Mo.2min 00secResult Confirmed
Josh C.2min 3secResult Confirmed


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