CAT5E Outdoor

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  • 059-496/S2/CWT


    CAT5E, Outdoor, UV Rated, Direct Burial, Cell Tower, LLDPE Jacket, Shielded, 95% TC Braid, Spline, 8C, 24AWG, Solid-Bare Copper, Black, 1000ft Spool, Black
    Applications: outdoor above ground, cell towers

  • 059-497/MESG

    CAT5E, Outdoor Rated Cable with Messenger, LLDPE Jacket, 24AWG Solid-Bare Copper. 1000ft Wooden Spool
    Applications: aerial applications

  • 059-498/S/MESG

    CAT5E, Outdoor Rated Cable with Messenger, LLDPE Jacket, Shielded, 24AWG Solid-Bare Copper, Black, 1000ft Wooden Spool, Black
    Applications: aerial applications

  • 059-501/S/CMX

    Category-5E CMX, Shielded, 24AWG Solid-Bare Copper, Outdoor Jacket (UV)