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  • 165-309/A/PS/YL


    CAT6A, Shielded (F/UTP), 23AWG, Plenum (CMP), Yellow, 1000ft Spool, UL Listed

  • 168-308/S/P/WH

    CAT6, Shielded (F/UTP), 23AWG, Plenum (CMP), White, 1000ft Spool, UL Listed

  • 168-302/S/P/GR

    CAT6, Shielded (F/UTP), 23AWG, Plenum (CMP), Green, 1000ft Spool, UL Listed

  • 168-301/S/P/BL

    CAT6, Shielded (F/UTP), 23AWG, Plenum (CMP), Blue, 1000ft Spool, UL Listed

  • 168-300/S/P/BK

    CAT6, Shielded (F/UTP), 23AWG, Plenum (CMP), Black, 1000ft Spool, UL Listed

  • 157-301/P/BL

    CAT5E, Plenum, MADE IN USA, 24AWG, UTP, 4 Pair, Solid Bare Copper, 350MHz, 1000ft Pull Box, Blue – UL Listed

  • 167-108/P/WH

      Category-6, CMP Rated, 23AWG, UTP, 8C Solid Bare Copper, 550MHz, 1000ft Pull Box, White – UL Listed

  • 056-461/P/BL

      Category-5E, Plenum, Blue, 24AWG, UTP, 8C Solid Bare Copper, 350MHz, CMP Rated 1000ft.

  • 059-490/WS/CMXT

    CAT5E CMXT, Direct Burial, LSZH jacket, Shielded, w/Drain Wire, Dual Jacket, UV Rated, 8-Conductor, 24AWG, Solid-Bare Copper, 1000ft Wooden Spool, Black
    Applications: outdoor above ground, direct burial
    (conduit recommended for extended protection)

  • 052-433GY

    CAT3 UTP 1000′ 4-Conductor, Bulk, Grey-PVC Jacket, AWG24 Solid-Bare Copper, Lose-Twist, Pull Box

  • 069-565/A/CMXT

    Category-6A F/UTP Outdoor Waterproof (Dual Jacket), Direct Burial (UV), 23AWG, Black, 1000ft, Wooden Spool
    Applications: outdoor above ground, direct burial, cell towers

    Compatible with 012-021-100 and 012-024 plugs

  • 069-564/A/CMX

    CAT6A CMX, Outdoor Rated Cable, LLDPE Jacket, 1000ft, Wooden Spool, Black
    Applications: outdoor above ground

  • 065-309/A/P/YL

    CAT6A Cable Unshielded (UTP) Plenum (CMP), Yellow
    TAA Comliant

  • 065-308/A/P/WH

    CAT6A Cable Unshielded (UTP) Plenum (CMP), White

  • 065-302/A/P/GR

    CAT6A Cable Unshielded (UTP) Plenum (CMP), Green
    TAA Compliant

  • 065-301/A/P/BL

    CAT6A Cable Unshielded (UTP) Plenum (CMP), Blue
    TAA Compliant