Zero-U Administration Panels – 266-LBL Series


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Features :

  • Panel material: 0.06 in. [1.5 mm (16-GA)] CRS, black powder coating (RAL 9005, jet black)
  • Label Holder material: PVC, double-sided adhesive tape, plain paper label
  • Rack Mounting: above or below equipment unit being administered; screws used to mount equipment unit being administered, size range: M5–M6, #10–#12
  • Panel Mounting: integral spring-loaded snap-in T-anchors; labeling area located below unit being administered
  • insert type labels, plain paper/cardstock strips
  • Compliance: ANSI/TIA-606, ISO/IEC TR 14763-2-1
* Panels with three third label holders and four quarter label holders that occupy whole identification area are supplied with label holders affixed to panels. All other configurations are supplied with label holders as separate parts in order to facilitate adjusting their positions in the field per project requirements.




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