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  • 269-PAC11-0001- Optical Fiber Test Adapter



    Optical Fiber Test Adapter, 2.5-mm to 1.25-mm Conversion, Hybrid, FC Plug to LC Adapter, SX, SM, UPC.


  • 269-VFL02- Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator Pen-Style and Adapter


    Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator, Pen-Style, 5-mW, 2.5-mm, Adapter.

    Height (without adapter) Diameter Weight (with batteries)
    6.7 in (170 mm) 0.6 in (14 mm) 3 oz (88 g)
  • 269-VFL03-Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator-Hand-Held-1-mW-2.5-mm Adapter


    Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator, Hand-Held, 1-mW, 2.5-mm Adapter.

    Height Diameter Weight (without batteries)
    6.9 in (175 mm) 1 in (26 mm) 6.1 oz (173 g)
  • 269-VFL04-Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator-Compact


    Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator, Compact, 5-mW, 2.5-mm Adapter.

    Height Width Length Weight (without batteries)
    1.3 in (30 mm) 1.5 in (40 mm)  5.2 in (133 mm)  2.4 oz (68 g)
  • 269-PAC11-0002-Optical Fiber Test Lead

    Optical Fiber Test Leads – 269-PAC Series

    Optical Fiber Test Lead, 2.5-mm to 1.25-mm Conversion, 1 ft.