Optical Fiber OSP Transition Box, 2×16.

Height Width Depth Weight
13 in 10.2 in 4.3 in 2.4 lb


Features :

    • Materials: PC (polycarbonate), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene);
      high-impact, UV-resistant, water-resistant.
    • Applications: outdoor (FTTx, CATV, etc.)
    • Capacity:
      cable inlets: x2
      cable outlets: x16
    • splice tray: ×12 slots (24 stacked),
      60-mm sleeves

Get this enclosure PRE-LOADED:

Substitute “x” in PN with:
“C”:   Aqua;
“D”:   H. Violet;
“Y”:   Green;
“Z”:   Blue.
Substitute “y” in PN with:
“3”:   SC SX adapter;
“4”:   LC DX adapter.
Leave “xy” option blank for a box with no adapters.

PN example: 268-OPB01-208 Optical Fiber OSP Transition Box, 2×8, no adapters.
PN example: 268-OPB01-208Y3 Optical Fiber OSP Transition Box, 2×8, equipped with eight green SC SX adapters

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