Optical Fiber Cleaning Kit – Basic.

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Contents :

No. Item Quantity PN for reordering*
1 Optical fiber connector cleaner dispenser type 1 269-PAC03-0001
2 Cleaning foam swabs tipped 2.5-mm pack of 50 1 269-PAC03-0002
3 Cleaning foam swabs tipped 1.25-mm pack of 50 1 269-PAC03-0003
4 Pre-moistened wipes IPA 1-pack 10 269-PAC03-0004
5 Optical fiber connector cleaning cube 120 cap. 1 269-PAC03-0005
6 Cleaning agent dispensing bottle, 100 ml (3.4 fl oz)** 1 269-PAC03-0006
7 Portable carrying soft-case bag

*        Re-ordered products may not be identical to those in the original kit but have the same functional properties.

**       Spray bottle is supplied empty due to shipping safety restrictions.


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