6U Wall Mount Enclosure

Height Width Depth Mounting Depth Color Weight Capacity
14.57″ 23.62″ 17.72″ 15.7″ Black 32LB 132LB


Features :

  • The viewing door is easy to remove
  • Front door lock
  • Top and side vented panels
  • Cooling fan and power supply built in
  • Cable entry panels in rear section
  • Two Cable entry openings on the top of the wall mount
  • Easy accessory installation
  • All models are provided with internal mounting rails. Ships fully assembled
  • Shelves and patch panels not included
  • Structural integrity, cooling, and cable management in 1
  • Add a wide variety of shelving accessories and products with ease
  • Ideal for a variety of rack mounted servers, storage products, audio/video equipment
  • Comes with 12 sets of washers, screws, cage nuts
  • Comes fully assembled

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